Every student must be in complete uniform at all times, unless there   is a designated dress down day. If a student is not wearing a part of the uniform, a note from a parent or guardian stating the reason must be sent to the teacher. All school and gym uniforms, including shoes, must be purchased at the Co-Ed Uniform Company located at the Elmwood Park Shopping Center.

Co-Ed Uniform Company 100 Broadway   Elmwood Park, NJ 07407                                         (201) 796-4220

Please note: Students are not allowed to wear excessive jewelry, temporary tattoos, nail polish or make-up. Also, hair must be well groomed and any hair accessories must reflect our school uniform.

Uniform Requirements

* Indicates Optional



Navy Blue Dress Pants (No Jeans) Plaid Jumper (K-3)
Light Blue or Grey Golf Shirt Plaid Skirt (Culottes) (4-8)
Navy Blue Socks with Black or Navy Shoes Yellow or Navy Blue Golf Shirt
Black Belt Navy Blue Knee Socks with Black or Navy Shoes
*Warm Weather Shorts *Warm Weather Shorts
*Sweater Vest (with school emblem) *Navy Blue Uniform Pants
*V-Neck Pullover (with school emblem) *V-Neck Sweater (with school emblem)
*Cardigan Sweater (with school emblem) *Cardigan Sweater (with school emblem)
Boys’ shirts must be tucked in and a blackbelt must be worn with school pants. Girls’ skirts are fitted; golf shirts do nothave to be tucked in.